Oregon heart stickerHi. My name is Deb. I first visited Oregon during June of 2012 – a two-week whirlwind tour with my husband. We traveled from Portland to Mt. Hood, down the Willamette Valley and along the central and northern coast. Natural beauty, great bicycling, amazing beer… oh my! And people so NICE that I wondered if anyone ever got mad or sad or even a little annoyed. It all seemed a little too good to be true. On our last night in Portland, before getting back on the plane, we took a stroll through the Hawthorne/Belmont Districts. Wham! We fell in love. This quirky, bohemian, creative neighborhood captured our hearts.

So, we put it to the test. The following September we came back…rode our bikes up to Mt. Tabor and saw Mt. Hood. Damn! Same feeling. Still in love.

By our third visit the magic that is Oregon had us hooked, and we moved to Portland in 2014. Oregon love.

Now we are settling in, exploring, learning, connecting…becoming a part of this special state. Building our “sense of place”. A friend once told me when people learn to identify 10 plants and 10 animals that live in their local area, they begin to get connected to that place. I know that’s true, but learning the rhythms of the land, understanding the people and culture, meeting people and making friends help, too. Certainly the most important part of developing a sense of place is time…staying put, being there, making memories and living well in that place.

This blog is part field guide, part travelogue, part history book, part philosophy primer. It shares my connections, my experiences, and my readings about my place – Oregon. That weird title is not a mistake. It’s all about wonder. And all about Oregon.

You’ll find articles about plants, animals, places, people, and Oregon books and writers. As I learn, I’ll share. I hope you enjoy it. If it helps you develop your sense of place, that’s a bonus. Or, if you’re a long-time or native Oregonian and have suggestions for me, please let me know. Feel free to connect with me here by commenting or asking questions.



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    • Deb Hanson

      Thank you for following along on my journey, Rita and Eric! Nice to see you pop in here. Let me know if you have any particular natural history questions about Oregon, and I’ll see if I can answer them 🙂


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